Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fifty Shades Trilogy

Have you been swept up in the latest of the book fads yet? If not let me share with you a wonderfully erotic new read... yes you heard me correctly - I said erotic! I will be the first to say when I first heard about these books I saw everyone posting about them on took me awhile to finally get the courage to ask what they were about! Lets just say the dubbed name 'mommy porn' definitely does the books justice.

The Fifty Shades trilogy, whose three books are currently are the top three sellers in the United States, is anything but tame. The first book, titled Fifty Shades of Grey, should have been titled Rosy Cheeks Meets Fifty Shades. That’s how your face will be while reading it – especially if there’s someone peaking at your copy.

Ana Steele is a soon-to-be college graduate in her early twenties who’s asked by her best friend, Kate, to go and interview a self-made young enigmatic billionaire named Christian Grey at the HQ of his company. Knowing nothing about him, the interview isn’t exactly top notch. But it works well enough for Christian to develop an interest in Ana, who reciprocates the feeling.

What Ana doesn’t know is that Christian Grey is controlling, seriously into BDSM, with a playroom in his huge Seattle apartment, and who wants Ana to be his submissive beyond anything he’s ever wanted before. Ana doesn't quite get a chance to fill out the paperwork before they both start falling for each other. The sex scenes in this book are graphically detailed. Which in return is causing quite a bit of controversy with many libraries who are pulling the books of their shelves.

The book is a bit repetitive at times which has turned peoples noses up toward it. If they could get passed the blushing of the cheeks and the repetitive nature of the books I think they would really enjoy themselves. The sex scenes in the book are quite steamy and I wouldn't recommend reading them if you didn't have a partner in crime to help calm you down. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

With the help of Ana's raunchy 'inner goddess' which whom I just absolutely adore and her prude of a 'self conscience' made the book incredibly unique and fun. It really put a view to it all! The transformation of the characters is very pronounced through the trilogy and it was neat to see the growth! I think it helps that Christian Grey is the mysteriously handsome, rich man that we crave to fall in love with!

If your read this book make sure you read the emails, all the way through! There are cute little things in the subject lines and in the signature blocks!

Let yourself loosen up a bit, grab a glass of wine and sit down and enjoy yourself! I promise you, you will not be able to put the books down. If you are anything like me, all three of them will be read within the week ;)

I was in no way endorsed by the publisher or affiliated with the publication of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

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